Why Leafguard is Better than Normal Gutter

Patented, Debris Shedding One-Piece Gutter Protection Design.
Choose the best one-piece seamless gutter for your home in the Williamsburg – Hampton Roads region. The Englert LeafGuard Brand gutter protection system is the only one-piece debris shedding seamless gutter on the market today.  Although some have tried to emulate LeafGuard since it’s introduction to the market in 1987, extensive patents on both the one-piece design and the gutter machine prevent it from being duplicated. Because LeafGuard is a one-piece unit, it does not contain seams or moveable parts that can compromise it’s structural integrity overtime.  By having a solid, seamless hood, LeafGuard eliminates the possibility of debris entering from the top, a common problem with two-piece gutter protection systems and leaf-shedding gutter covers. In addition, LeafGuard’s one-piece gutter/gutter hood construction has no moveable parts or seams…and only one opening to catch rain water and impede debris entry.  The only one-piece seamless debris shedding gutter protection system on the market today…The LeafGuard advantage is as simple as that.

We serve homeowners in Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News, Gloucester, Mathews, Middlesex, Surry, and as far west as Charles City VA.

High-Performance Protection for Your Gutter Investment.
Conventional open-top gutters can allow leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris to become clogged.  Clogged gutters cause water to back up and flow where you don’t want it, damaging your roof, interior ceilings, wood siding, landscaping and foundation.  With an unobstructed water trough that allows free flow of water away from your home as fast as possible while keeping debris out.  LeafGuard is the only gutter on the market that has a full 4 inch bottom trough, coupled with its over-sized 3×4 downspouts, this system allows rainwater to disperse quicker than its competitors. Protect your home with LeafGuard’s superior one-piece design and highly efficient trough, factory tested to handle up to 21 inches of rainfall per hour.

Superior Strength and Fast, Secure Leafguard Gutter Installation. 
LeafGuard integrates a top shield, back support wall, fixed end-caps and a streamlined water trough for the ultimate in water protection.  This solid one-piece unit is 20 percent thicker than conventional gutters and is secured to the fascia board every two feet with specially fabricated internal brackets and non-corrosive screws.  LeafGuard’s one-piece seamless gutter/gutter protection system construction is designed to ensure a sag-free, secure, free flowing gutter.  The Oversized LeafGuard comes with oversized .025 gauge downspouts, 30 percent thicker than ordinary downspouts and the strongest on the market today.  LeafGuard’s unique one-piece design is faster to install and provides structural integrity found in few other products.

A Stream-lined Gutter Design that Enhances Your Home’s Appearance.
LeafGuard’s low profile design has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that architecturally integrates into any home.  Our one-piece seamless gutter/gutter protection system fits nicely on the fascia board and blends in with the cornice to increase value and enhance the appearance of your home.  Add-on gutter covers are often installed under the shingles, not only changing the appearance of your home but possibly compromising the roof warranty.  Some two-piece systems are overly-large by hanging off of many fascia boards and overwhelming the lines of most homes.  When it comes to gutters, bigger does not mean better. Contact us or call with any questions or find out even more reasons why LeafGuard is better than your average gutter. LeafGuard’s stream-lined design will beautifully blend in with the architecture of any home or building. Whether your home is a Colonial in Williamsburg, a Contemporary in Hampton Roads or a Cape Cod in Newport News – or anything else – Leafguard has the ideal one-piece seamless gutter protection system to meet your exact needs.