About LeafGuard

About LeafGuard Seamless Gutters

LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed not to clog — ever … or we’ll clean your gutters out for free.

Here are the reasons why many homeowners in Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Charles City, Surry, Gloucester, Middlesex and Mathews choose LeafGuard by Starling for their home gutter system.

LeafGuard is a one-piece, seamless, covered gutter. This means that there are no attached pieces that can break off or fall apart.

LeafGuard’s one piece gutter builds-in the position of the top of the gutter at the perfect angle when it’s manufactured for optimum water intake every time, every installation, every house. Plus, our one-piece gutter is roll-formed on-site in our patented machine for the perfect fit.

LeafGuard is installed without driving nails or screws into your roof and absolutely no lifting of shingles. A LeafGuard gutter is installed directly to the trim board. Your roof and shingles are safe and sound.

LeafGuard is one-piece and constructed of the heaviest-gauge metal available on the market, exceeding the thickness of most add-on covers. It’s the heavy-duty quality you expect from Starling Guttering.

LeafGuard installed with .025 gauge (3×4) downspouts, 30 percent thicker than ordinary downspouts and the strongest on the market today.

LeafGuard is aesthetically appealing. The seamless, one-piece construction comes in a variety of colors and blends in wonderfully with any style home, enhancing the beauty of your trim.

LeafGuard’s exclusive Scratch Guard paint finish, won’t chip, peel or crack, and comes with a Ltd. Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

LeafGuard by Starling has three levels of Warranties: Lifetime clean-out warranty*, Lifetime labor warranty*, Lifetime material warranty*.

*See Warranty for details. Contact us with any questions about our seamless gutters.

We also offer 5″ residential gutter and 6″ oversized gutter
*1 year Labor Warranty
*20 year Material Warranty
*No Clean Out Warranty